Allies for Change provides anti-oppression education, training, and resources for individuals and organizations committed to social change. Our programs invite participants to sharpen their analysis and tools for structural change while enlarging their capacities for compassion, hope, and joy.


About Us


Allies for Change is a network of anti-oppression educators who share a passion for social justice and a commitment to nurturing life-giving ally relationships and communities.

Our Programs


Allies for Change trainers provide customized programs, trainings, and consultation for groups, organizations, and institutions throughout the United States.

Upcoming Events

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Visit our calendar of upcoming events and learn about the workshops, seminars, and trainings that Allies for Change offers in different regions of the country.


“Allies are people passionately committed to eliminating systems of oppression that unjustly benefit them. The word ‘ally’ is not a label that people with privilege can claim for themselves, nor a static reality, once and for all achieved. People who are targets of oppression determine who their allies are. The activism of those who strive to be allies must always be rooted in humility, collaboration, and accountability.”

~ Melanie S. Morrison, Executive Director, Allies for Change

Dionardo Pizaña, Allies for Change training partner

Dionardo Pizaña, Allies for Change training partner